DOG20 Industry Service Center

Advertising space on site

The Estrel Berlin offers some on-site advertising opportunities. If you are not yet familiar with the premises, you will find an overview plan for better orientation here


Rotunda: graphics / screens

Banner S1 + S2: Changing advertising graphic with DOG information           
Landscape 16: 9, 1,920 x 1,080 resolution in 55 "points                                   
Price: 900  per screen

P52 – 55: Grafik: 1 area skylightsdoor transition rotunda; 96 cm x 122 cm;                       
Price: 1.000  per graphic

Foyer II: banners & show screens

P56-58: Banner Railing Foyer II, 450 cm x 90 cm,                                     
Price: 2.000 €

P62: Steps towards the Foyer III, 22 pieces; 200-275 cm x 11cm;                Price: 7.500 €    

P63: Steps towards the foyer I, 22 pieces, 250-355 cm x 11 cm;
Price: 8.500 €

P64: Show screens above the staircase handrail Foyer II (19 pieces),
90 cm x 130 cm,                                                                                               
Preis: 7.900 €* (VERKAUFT)

 * On request, we produce the show screens so you can take them with you for an additional charge of € 150 each after the congress.      


Foyer I: Banner & graphic glass surfaces

P73/74/75/76: Skylight door transition conservatory facing the exhibition area, for each door there are 4 smaller areas to glue on à 100 cm x 95 cm;                                                               
Price: 4.000 € (total)

P77/78/79/90: Skylight door exhibition area for each door there are 4 smaller areas to glue on; à 100 cm x 95 cm;                           
Price: 4.000 € (total)

Conservatory: Banner

P81/82: Banner conservatory (2 pieces)
250 cm x 500 cm;                                                                 
Price: 3.900 € 

P83/84: Banner transition Convention Hall I
(2 Stück),
à 240 cm x 320 cm;                                           
Price: 2.900 € 

Advertising bathroom facilities

Focus on your business where each participant passes by at least once a day. We stick all the entrance doors of the toilet facilities (from inside) as well as the lower area of ​​the mirrors with your advertising message! Let us advise you regarding the optimal graphic size and placement. The price includes production, assembly and disassembly. The inner surfaces of the individual WC cabins must not be covered!

 Preis: ab 5.500 € 

Info/Announcement Board

As a sustainable alternative to the bag inserts and display of brochures, from 2020 an official information / announcement area will be offered in the form of partition walls in the congress area (near congress bag counter).

The following ad sizes are available:

  • DIN A4: 700,00 € 
  • DIN A3: 900,00 € 
  • DIN A2: 1.100,00 € 
  • DIN A1: 1.300,00 €

After the booking has been made, just send us your digital ad (according to the specified specifications) and we will take care of the final production and implementation.

Here you can find the booking forms 

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ACHTUNG! DOG 2020 als virtueller Kongress

The corona pandemic has significantly affected the congress landscape this year. Many congresses had to be canceled, others were postponed because it had become impossible to hold them in the usual way.

The DOG has decided not to cancel their 2020 congress, but to hold it virtually in a different form in the same period. 

Weitere Informationen werden zeitnah im Industry Service Center abgebildet. Bei unseren Industriepartnern, welche bereits gebucht haben, melden wir uns gerne telefonisch.

If you are interested in digital participation, please write to us at